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Their story. Their words. Their voice.
We'll record their audio memoirs.

Memory Lane Audio produces bespoke audio memoirs for you and your loved ones
to treasure forever.

Memory Lane Audio records your loved one telling your family's stories, in their own voice, from the comfort of their own home. We edit these recordings into beautiful audio memoirs presented on a wooden USB in an elegant presentation box, and as a digital file to download.


Every story is meaningful, and nobody else can tell your loved one's story the way they can. Why not give someone special a gift that truly means something? The chance to record their memories, in their own voice, that your family will treasure for generations to come.


Whose stories would you like us to record?

I'd like to record my memoirs for my family to enjoy.

Fantastic! Nobody else can tell your stories the way you can. We would love to come and record them, then transform them into beautiful audio memoirs for your friends and family to listen to.


You have three options to choose from: Classic Audio Memoirs (sharing anecdotes and stories from your life), My Perfect Playlist (in which you choose up to eight pieces of music you love and share what they mean to you) and The Story of Us (which is perfect for you and a friend or your partner to chat about your shared history).


Once you've booked, we'll get in touch with you to have a chat and organise a good day and time for us to come and record you at home. We'll edit your recordings and deliver them to you as gorgeous-sounding audio memoirs.


Find out more about how we work here.

I'd like my loved one to record their memoirs for us to listen to.

Memory Lane Audio would be delighted to help make this happen for you. Recording our loved one's is something people often talk about doing but never get around to – so let us do it for you!

You have three options to choose from: Classic Audio Memoirs (in which your loved one shares anecdotes and stories from their life), My Perfect Playlist (in which they choose up to eight pieces of music they love and talk about why) and The Story of Us (which is perfect for a couple to share their stories together). We'll get in touch with them to have a chat and organise a good day and time for us to come to their home and record them telling their stories. Find out more about how we work here.

Whether it's for a birthday, or a wedding anniversary, by giving someone you love a Memory Lane Audio memoirs package as a gift, you're offering them a truly unique experience and the chance to record their stories, in their own voice, the way that only they can tell them. You're also sure to enjoy the finished memoirs, presented to your loved one on a wooden USB stick in a beautiful presentation box, for months and years to come.

“It’s instantly become my favourite possession.”

Wilf Langridge

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