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How we work

It couldn’t be easier to tell your story with Memory Lane Audio. Here’s how we transform your words into lasting audio memoirs.


Choose the format for your memoirs

Everyone has a story. We can help you tell yours with our Classic Audio Memoirs.


If you’re a music lover, you might prefer My Perfect Playlist and select up to eight tracks you’d like

to talk about.


Equally, if you’d like to celebrate a special partnership, you might want to tell your story alongside your loved one and share The Story of Us.

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Book your home recording session

Once you know what you’d like, book your recording.


We’ll give you a call to chat about the kind of memoirs you’d like us to produce for you, and book in a date and time for us to come to your home to record you.


All our team members have a DBS check and are experienced voice artists themselves.

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We record your memoirs in your home

We’ll confirm the recording session 24 hours before your booking, then we'll come to record your memoirs with you, in person. Sessions tend to last 2.5 – 3 hours (with a break for a cuppa, of course).


We bring all our own professional recording equipment, so all you need to do is get comfy, put the kettle on and be ready to sit and chat!

We edit the recordings

Once we’ve finished recording with you (our usual sessions are 2.5–3 hours long), we’ll bid you goodbye and hand the files over to our brilliant sound engineers. They are all experienced professionals, so your words are in good hands.


They’ll edit the files to make sure they sound beautiful (and add any music clips you’d like to feature if you’ve chosen ‘My Perfect Playlist’).

A microphone on a desk connected to a voice recorder and open laptop with audio editing software on its screen
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You listen to and review your files

As soon as your memoirs are ready (usually within two working weeks), we send these to you as a digital file so you can have a listen.

If there are any changes you'd like us to make, we can then do a further round of edits.


We'll send you the final version of your memoirs, both as a digital file and on a USB stick in an elegant wooden presentation box for you to keep.

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Your memoirs are yours to share

We’re proud to receive some wonderful feedback from our storytellers and the people they've chosen to listen to their unique audio memoirs.


We’d love to hear what you think, and we hope you’ll share your experience with others who’d like to tell their stories too.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What if I don't know what to say or make a mistake?

Please don’t worry! We’ll spend a good fifteen minutes or so on the day just chatting and getting comfortable before we start to record. One of the Memory Lane Audio team will be there to help guide the conversation and offer any prompts if and when you’d like them. The beauty of audio is that you can always stop, take a breath, and then carry on, or even go back and express something in a different way – it can all be edited together so there’s no pressure at all on the day. We want your recording session to be as relaxed and enjoyable as it can be!

Can I use notes?

Of course! When you first talk to us on the phone, we’ll ask whether you’d like any help getting your thoughts together and writing any notes for each ‘chapter’. Generally, the better prepared you are, the more confident you’ll be on the day of recording – you’re also less likely to forget to mention specific stories you want to include. Rest assured, during the recording session, we will be there to guide you whether you’ve written out notes or not.

Do we have to record at home?

We tend to find people are much more at ease if we record them in the comfort of their own surroundings, but if you’d rather, we can always arrange to record in a professional studio nearby instead.

Is there background noise when you record?

Our broadcast-quality Shure SM7B microphones are brilliant at picking up your voice, but if you live under a flight path, near a railway line and so on, it’s possible we’ll pick up some background noise. If that’s the case, we'll do our best to structure the recording to fit around those interruptions. To be honest, the little extra sounds, whether it’s a cuckoo-clock chirping in the background or a beloved family pet trying to chip in, make your audio memoirs even more unique. They’re often really lovely for the listener to take in too!

Who will be there on the day? Can I have someone with me?

On the day of the recording, one of our team will come to record with you, and you'll have a chance to chat on the phone beforehand. All of our team members have a full DBS check, experience of professional voiceover and recording, and are comfortable working with speakers one-to-one. If you’d like a friend or a family member around, that’s absolutely fine. We’d just ask that you let us know in advance who’s likely to be with you.

How long are the recording sessions?

Our recording sessions tend to last between 2.5–3 hours, depending on how much you have to say! When we record My Perfect Playlist packages, it's always lovely to play a clip of each track part-way through your thoughts about it... it's amazing how the act of listening to them there and then can spark thoughts and feelings that may not have occurred to you beforehand!

How long are the final memoirs?

Usually the edited, finished audio memoirs last around 90 minutes, depending on how much material we record on the day. We'll divide your memoirs up into separate chapters, one per track, and you can give each of these a title, if you'd like.

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“It’s instantly become my favourite possession.”

Wilf Langridge

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