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Image by Priscilla Du Preez

It started with a voicemail. 

When my grandma ‘Nanny’ passed away in 2019, I was caring for two young children, leaving me little time to properly grieve. As Christmas approached, I found myself heavy with sadness and reached out to my sister. "Do you have any voicemails from Nanny?" she asked gently.


To my surprise, I discovered three voicemails tucked away in my phone. The first two were brief and fleeting, but the third held something extraordinary. As Nanny's voice flowed through the tiny speaker, an indescribable sense of comfort, peace and happiness washed over me. The emotional connection I felt to the sound of her voice was so profound, it reassured me instantly. The fear of forgetting her unique expressions, her laughter, disappeared, and I could vividly envision the woman I loved so very much.


In that moment, the idea of Memory Lane Audio was born.

My daughter (aged 2), me and my grandmother, Nanny, smiling at the camera on a family day out

Nanny, my daughter and me, on her 82nd birthday.

As an actor and a voice artist, my whole reason for being is storytelling, using my voice to evoke emotions. Yet, I had never fully considered the power of being a listener. There are so many companies out there that help you write autobiographies, but where were the ones that capture your voice?


I realised I could combine my skills to create a professional audio memoirs service. Memory Lane Audio would allow people to record their loved one’s stories, in their own words and voices, preserving them for forever. In a world of full of clutter, our mission is to produce content that truly matters to people. That brings them joy and comfort when they listen, and pride when they share it with the generations to come.


Whether you’re interested in recording your own stories, or those of someone close to you, Memory Lane Audio would be honoured to preserve those memories for you. I wish so much I had embarked on this journey with Nanny while she was still here, but I know she’d be hugely proud to have inspired this endeavour.

Amy Noble
Founder of Memory Lane Audio

Image by Roman Kraft
“It’s instantly become my favourite possession.”

Wilf Langridge

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